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Supply Chain Management


In developing our products, our engineers have carefully selected equipment and components.  We have established long-term Partnership Agreements with key suppliers. These long term agreements offer a number of advantages including:  

  • Competitive pricing

  • Reduced supply lead times

  • Participate in Partner Support Programs

  • Comprehensive technical collaboration and support

  • Advance notification of product changes and/or introductions

  • Access to manufacturer's field service network for key components

Materials Management

We are continually modernizing our supply-chain system.  By optimizing our communication network we close the loop between our facilities, our suppliers and our customers, creating a highly flexible system which allows us to respond and adjust manufacturing throughput rapidly. In the long run, we will create significant time and cost savings in order processing and materials procurement.  In addition, our supply chain solutions are customized for each customer’s individual need - This independent approach to ERP (enterprise resource planning) allows the customer to have online access to our custom-configured B2B systems and benefit from our globally connected materials management system.   

Materials Management - Planning

At Matrix Group Companies, materials planning are done very carefully and progress is monitored at every stage from initiating the initial supply request throughout the final shipment. Real-time supply-chain management provides fast response times along with higher level of flexibility which allows us to better support our customers with their fluctuating supply and demand situations. 

Materials Management - Purchasing

By modernizing our communication systems, the network of Matrix Group Companies are connected and can take advantage of a broader supply chain systems to achieve better pricing, faster deliveries along with greater flexibility and reduced inventory risks. Our local and regional purchasing teams are now able to collaborate with each other to get the materials our various plants need and deliver them when they need such.

Materials Management - Logistics

Efficient movement of materials in and out of our facilities is quite critical to our success. Therefore, a significant part of our materials management effort is allocated on identifying and contracting the most effective carriers and freight-forwarders to maintain a tight control over each and every shipment. At the same time we negotiate to obtain better transportation pricing and update our agreements with custom brokers. We regularly review import/export protocols to comply with the latest rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary delays or costs.   

Materials Management – Continuous Improvement

We continuously benchmark the market by staying on top of prices, lead times, technologies and trends to maximize our materials management efficiency.




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