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Successful Implementation of Decentralized Business Model

March 2006


The Group's senior management, administrative leaders, business unit general managers and plant managers gathered here from different regions to hear the Group Managing Director Barry Sahba praising the "Decentralized Business Model" which he introduced in 1998.

He has been an advocate of the decentralization model ever since and indeed the successful implementation of such operating philosophy has propelled the efficiency of all operations and helped the Group achieve record sales in the $270 million plus range. He emphasizes decentralized operations explaining why it is so important to become more customer focused instead of being headquarters focused, "Can't hold to the old heavy-hand control routines - Won't work".


Barry Sahba sums up decentralization which is reflected in the company's mission, themed as "Our Focus is on Customer's Productivity", evangelizing the management team for being passionate about customers and enhancing their productivity which embodies the Matrix Group Companies approach to conducting global business.


Mr. Sahba said that leaving decisions about local customer service and local marketing to the people at the local level was precisely what
made Global's core and satellite companies, each with their own local identity, so efficient and so valuable to their customers. "So
far we have not heard a single customer say he would be happier if our local office was part of a national brand," said Mr. Johnson.
"What they care about is that their local representative knows them, knows their business, and knows how to meet their office
technology needs better than anyone else."


In today's globalized economy, while our competition is struggling to survive, we are poised for even further growth .. Read More



Looking Beyond Globalization - "Focus on Customer's Productivity"

June 2005


Every one of you is by now well familiar with how we all need to "think global and act local" - This has been the general framework of how we have been operating for the longest. This has been the way we all manage our jobs every day and deal with each other throughout the global family of the companies at Matrix Group.

However, I want to remind you that a few years ago, we felt we had to go beyond the "Think Globally - Act Locally" phrase, so, the "Get Focused on Customer's Productivity" theme was unveiled in Jan 2000 to provide a better framework for achieving the goal of improving our customer service. Noting that our focus is on productivity, customer's productivity, therefore, as the economy gets stronger, we are poised for even further growth.

Barry Sahba reports exemplified performance at all divisions. "In almost all regions, our companies have outperformed their local and regional competitors".


We have been continually streamlining the operations at each and every facility. The cost-cutting programs that were initiated a while back together with the tight cash-flow and asset management programs are paying off.  Also, for the past five years, every year our Business Unit GMs have been reporting their companies are performing well above the expected efficiency levels in just about every operational and fiscal category from revenue growth and operating margins to revenue per employee, expense ratios and overall efficiency in products and services we offer. The best news yet is the fact that we have accomplished such without any major restructuring or absorbing any transformational loads.

He added that "Today we are in an excellent shape to capitalize on our prior growth. Most of our customers are expanding and we here to support their needs and grow with them. We are more focused than ever before and this path continues on"..  Read More



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