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Metal Spun Products

We specialize in the manufacture of metal spinning products and components to exacting specifications and requirements, from prototype to production.  Standard production includes quality cylinders and containers.  A wide range of high-quality products also available including custom metal spun products; items such as domes, flat cylinder ends, lids, cups, hoppers, etc.


Serving industries such as Fluid Handling, Powder Handling, Air-Moving, Cryogenics, Energy, Gas Metering, Automotive, Food, Beverage, Agricultural, Aerospace, Aviation, Missile, Architectural, Lighting, etc.


Wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy, aluminum, brass, copper, as well as many exotic materials

Sizes & Capabilities

Producing spun components from 2" to 60" diameter.

Other Capabilities

Providing large metal spinning production, i.e., metal spinnings up to 120" Diameter with thickness up to 3/4". We also offer hydro-forming.


Spinning formable metals to close tolerances. Processes include manual, automatic and CNC spinning; also using shear spinning and flow forming techniques.  Our spinning equipment includes manual lathes, hydraulic and CNC spinning as well as CNC punch presses.


Tooling for tank heads, domes, cones, cylindrical shells, parabolic, flared and venturies.

Secondary Operations

Offering many value-added services and handle projects that require multiple operations such as trimming, machining, fabrication, welding, punching and plating and more.


We have over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality steel and stainless steel metal spinning, specializing in close-tolerance components.   ISO 9002 certified.



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