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Metal Fabrication

Providing a wide range of sheet-metal fabrication and weld-fabricated products. Steel fabrication services include stainless steel fabrication with a special focus on heavy fabrication. Projects entail contract-manufacturing work, water-jet-cutting, laser-cutting, laser-welding, CNC-machining.

Secondary Operations

Welding, roll bending heat treating, blasting and painting.

Sheet-Metal Fabrication

Providing high-quality sheet metal laser cutting and laser welding services.


Laser cutting capacities of 4000 watts for cutting up to 20 mm (0.750") thick steel and up to 15 mm (0.625") thick stainless steel.  Other capabilities include shearing, braking plus 30 tons of CNC punching and 130 tons of precision 6 axis back gauge bending.


Laser cutting and welding for medical, semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries.

Some of the precision fabricated metal parts and assemblies sheet-metal fabrication include custom enclosures, faceplates, racks, cable organizers, patch panels and other.

Weld-Fabricated Products

Fabricating heavy steel industrial components such as pressure vessels, reactors as well as other process equipment. Our capabilities include plate rolling, up to 4 meters (12) length and shearing up to 15 mm (about 0.625) of mild steel and up to 10 mm (about 0.375) stainless steel.

Other Capabilities

Hydroforming and CMM Inspection.


Our teams of experienced engineers and technicians help customers fulfill their project needs handling everything from start to finish and handle small to medium production runs.


Laser Processing

CNC Laser Machining, Drilling, Cutting, Welding

Materials Processing various materials including metals, ceramics, silicon wafers and polymers.

Laser Machining

Specializing in laser micro-machining, can process small features from 0.02 mm (0.001 inch) in size plus precision levels +/-0.005 mm (+/-0.0002 inch) with excellent edge quality.

Laser Drilling

Producing intricate holes, slots and patterns

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting for producing high-quality industrial components. CO2 Lasers with up to 6000 Watt output and cutting capacities of 30 mm (1.1875") thick steel, 25 mm (1.0") stainless steel and 20 mm (0.75 aluminum holding tight tolerances of +/- 0.1 mm (+/- 0.004) cost-effectively.


Water-jet Cutting

Provides high-quality multi-axis waterjet and abrasive jet cutting services. We specialize in water-jet and abrasive jet machining of all materials conductive and nonconductive.


Experienced in all types of materials from titanium to ceramic tile; cutting materials such as rubber, foam, neoprene, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and more.


Provide water jet cutting services for industries such as machine tool, tooling, automotive, appliance, aviation, medical and packaging. 


Cutting capacities of up to 100 mm (4") thick steel. Perform abrasive water-jet machining with accuracy as close as +/-0.02 mm (+/-0.001) using our 50,000 PSI jet stream machine, which is equipped with CNC and optical functions.





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