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Mechanical Seals

Our specialists design and manufacture mechanical seals and support systems for pumps and rotating equipment to prevent liquids and gases leaking into the environment.


A full line of mechanical seals including Single Spring Mechanical Seals, Single & Double Cartidge Seals, Spilt Seals, Metal Bellows Seals. 

A wide range of special seals from simple design to replace packing or component seal to fully featured monolithic designs with process fluid circulation via integrated pumping scrolls. Metal bellow rings with multi-convolutions as single or double mechanical seals. Magnetically energized double mechanical seals with magnetic attraction between two stationary components.


Typical applications and installations include, centrifugal and rotary pumps, jet pumps, turbine pumps, and gearbox seals. 

Providing robust solutions for tough applications for Petroleum, Chemical, Power Generation, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Municipal and Waste Treatment, Water Treatment, Food Processing.



AS-568 & metric o-rings in a wide range of materials including Butadiene Acrylonitrile (Buna, Buna-N, Nitrile), Ethylene Propylene (EPR, EPDM), Fluorinated Hydrocarbon (Fluorocarbon Viton®), Polysiloxane (Silicone), Fluorosilicone, Polychloroprene (Neoprene®), Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile Butadiene (HNBR, HSN), Styrene Butadiene (SBR, GRS)


Rotary Shaft Seals / Oil Seals

A wide range of radial shaft seals to seal lubricants and fluids around an oscillating, rotating or reciprocating shafts. Large selection ranging from spring loaded, non-spring loaded, metal casings, rubber covered casings as well as several other custom lip and case designs. Single lip and daul lip, with or without garter spring for non-pressure, low-pressure and high-pressure sealing.

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