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Industrial Gears

Producing a wide range of industrial gears.  Specializing in precision machined and custom gears in a variety of sizes and types including Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Worm Gears, Helical Gears, Differential Gears, Sprockets, Metric Gears, Spline Gears and Internal Gears.  Cutting gear from bar-stock, plate-stock, forged and turned stock, die-castings, powdered-metal parts, cold-headed parts and plastic gears OEMs.

Markets / Industries Served

Using CNC gear cutting machinery, we can produce a wide variety of gear products for many different industries, including Machine Tool, General Machinery, Industrial Conveyor Systems, Packaging Machinery, Hoist Systems, General Automation and Robotics, Valve Actuation, Pump and Electric Motor Reducers, Automotive, Motorcycles, Agricultural and Marine.


Manufacturing high quality long-lasting industrial gears from gear blanks using all types of materials such as steel, stainless steel, special alloys, as well as cast iron, brass, nylon, plastic, etc.


We specialize in fine-pitch gears up to 200 mm or 8 diameter and medium-pitch precision gears up to 600 mm or 24 diameter.

Other Products

Gear sector or segment gears and face gears. Gear-box assemblies and related products.


We began repairing and supplying parts for the general industry in 1969 and in 1979 expanded into gear production with a reputation for producing quality and gaining customer satisfaction ever since.



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