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Matrix Group companies offer a wide range of products, precision components, as well as a selection of industrial services to customers in the regions we operate. Furthermore, based on special joint-venture partnership arrangements, we also offer co-op product and technology development programs.

Industries Served

The following 8 Business Units produce a broad range of products for the industries we serve:

  • Foundry Operations
  • Flow Control Division
  • Automation & Control
  • Process Equipments
  • Industrial Products
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Industrial Components
  • Precision Components
Industrial & Manufacturing Markets:

Abrasives Manufacturing
Adhesive Manufacturing

Aerospace Products and Parts Mfg
Aircraft Parts Manufacturing
Automobile Manufacturing
Automobile Parts and Accessories Mfg
Battery Manufacturing
Beverage Bottling
Boat Manufacturing
Candy Manufacturing
Cement, Manufacturing
Chemical Manufacturing - Agricultural
Chemical Manufacturing - Industrial
Construction Machinery Manufacturing
Electronic Manufacturing
Fabricated Metal Parts Manufacturing
Farm Equipment Manufacturing
Fitness Equipment Manufacturing
Floor Covering Manufacturing
Footwear Manufacturing
Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Furniture Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
Gun Manufacturing
Hand-tool and Cutlery Manufacture
Household Appliance Manufacture
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
Machine Tool Manufacturing
Medical Supplies and Devices Mfg
Metal Coating, Engraving, & Heat Treating
Metal Ore Mining
Metal Valve Manufacture
Motor, Generator, Pump & Compressor Mfg
Motorcycle Manufacturing
Oil and Gas Field Services
Paint and Coating Manufacturing
Paper Products Manufacture
Petroleum Refining
Pharmaceutical Manufacture
Plastic & Rubber Products Manufacturing
Plastic Resins & Synthetic Fibers
Primary Metals Manufacturing
Printer Manufacturing
Pulp and Paper Mills
Railroad Equipment Manufacturing
Sawmills Mills
Scrap Metals-Recycling
Soap & Detergent Manufacturing
Structural Metals Manufacturing
Sugar Manufacturing
Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing
Textile Manufacturing
Tire Manufacturing
Toy Manufacturing
Truck and Bus Manufacturing
Wood Flooring Manufacture


Thermal-Fluid Markets:

Flow Tech and Process Equipment

Oil & Gas (extraction, production, refining, storage and transportation), Steam Generation, Power Generation, General CPI and Specialty Chemicals, Mining & Metals, Pulp & Paper, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Food & Beverage, Geothermal Steam, Cryogenics (LNG, LPG, CIG), Aircraft and Aerospace Fuel, etc.  Also, ultra-purity applications including Pharmaceuticals and Micro-Electronics Manufacturing.



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