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Industrial Products

Producing fasteners, seals, o-rings, gaskets and packing rings

Industrial Fasteners - Nuts and Bolts:

This operation produces DIN and ANSI nuts and bolt in a wide range of materials. Specialized in hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel materials.  ISO 9001:2000

Markets served include sheet-metal and light industrial including general manufacturing maintenance and repairs; medium-duty including food production equipment and agricultural machinery as well as heavy-duty structural steelwork and plant applications in process industries.



Diesel Generators

This operation manufactures diesel powered generator systems (10-500 KVA) for domestic and export markets in Middle East, South East Asia, North and South Africa.  Extended range up to 5000 KVA also available.

Activities include Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, CAD Design, Fabrication, Manual Assembly, Electrical Testing. Core components such as engines and alternators are carefully selected to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Quality to ISO 9001.

Markets served include commercial, construction, irrigation, agriculture, other remote locations such as marine, mining as well as general industrial and factories. Units can be configured for both standby as well as continuous power applications.

Production capacity 2500-3000 units. Number of employees 38 (total 120 in group)




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