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Gaskets & Packing Rings

Manufacturing a variety of gaskets, hydraulic seals and many other products, including high temperature gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets, flange gaskets, automotive gaskets, sheet gaskets, rubber and neoprene gaskets, graphite gaskets, spiral wound gaskets. These products maintain tight sealing under various pressure and temperature conditions. 


Our gasket line to include gaskets compounded from materials such as Neoprene, Polyethylene, Silicone, Urethane, Nylon, EDPM, Viton and various other materials.

Also making gaskets from a wide variety of non-metallic and metallic materials.  Non-metallic gaskets include rubber gaskets, cork gaskets, paper gaskets, cloth gaskets and fiber gaskets. Metallic gaskets include stainless steel gaskets and spiral-wound gaskets designed to function under high temperatures.  All of our gaskets are asbestos free.  

Gasket Materials

Neoprene (commercial and military spec), Buna-N Nitrile (commercial and military spec), EPDM (ethylene propylene), Silicone, Viton® (std and high-grade), Red Rubber, Polyester and Cloth Inserted Rubber, Polyurethane, Flexible Graphite, Wire Inserted Flexible Graphite, Tang Inserted Flexible Graphite, Foil Inserted Flexible Graphite, SS Wire Mesh Inserted Flexible Graphite, Virgin PTFE, Reprocessed PTFE, Glass-Filled RTFE, Silica-Filled RTFE, Micro-Sphere Glass-Filled RTFE, Cork and Neoprene, Oil Retaining Felt, Fiberglass Cloth and Tape.

Compression Packing Ring Materials 

Flexible Graphite (Pure), Flexible Graphite with SS Wire-Mesh Anti-Extrusion, Flexible Graphite with Carbon Anti-Extrusion Corners, Pure Graphite, Aramid Fiber, Braid-Over-Core Flexible Pure Graphite (with or without wire), Graphite-Reinforced RTFE (Graphited PTFE), Glass-Reinforced RTFE (white, standard and food quality).


Our gasket product line includes die-cut, lathe-cut and molded gaskets. Producing quality flat gaskets, compression gaskets, cured-in place gaskets and extruded gaskets.

Rubber gaskets, seals, rings, diaphragm gaskets and spiral wound gaskets.


Quality engineered parts for utmost customer satisfaction.



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