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High-quality manufacturer of a variety of forgings, including open and closed-die forgings.  From 0.25 kg to 1000 kg (0.5 lb to nearly 2500 lbs) in all shapes and sizes.


Our diverse capabilities allow us to serve a wide range of markets, including Machine Tools, Material Handling, Construction, Mining, Defense, Military, Aircraft, Shipbuilding, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Electronics and other high-tech industries. 


Metal forging products include ferrous and non-ferrous forged products.  Supply Steel Forgings (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel), Ni-based Alloys, Aluminum Forgings. 

Also specializing in High Temperature and Corrosion Resistant Alloy, Titanium, Tool Steel, Invar and Kovar.  


We have been engaged in open-die and closed-die forging, producing forged rolled rings, discs, blocks, bars, hubs and shafts for over 50 years. Providing quality forgings since 1954 by creating partnerships with customers to better serve their forging needs. 

We also offer CAD capabilities and forging simulation software for producing high quality closed die forgings and close tolerance parts from 0.25 kg to 250 kg (0.5 lb to 500 lbs) 



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