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Electrical & Electronic Products

Modern industries highly depend much on electrical and electronic systems to drive the machines that control their manufacturing processes. Our expert engineers and technicians have a firm foundation in developing products and handling project requiring in-depth knowledge of electrical and electronic systems for production process.

Product / Process Experience:

Limit Switches, Proximity Switches, Float Switches, Dual Pushbutton Switches, Selector Switches, Control Relays, Contactors, Time-Delay Relays, Magnetic Starters, Dual Pushbutton Switches, AC Poly-phase Motors and Mounting Plate, Motor Terminal Modules, Industrial Motor Controls, Control Pilot Devices, Transformers, Indicator Lamps


Limit Switches

Proximity Switches

Float Switches

Dual Pushbutton Switches

Selector Switches

Control Relays


Time-Delay Relays

Magnetic Starters

Industrial Motor Controls

AC Poly-phase Motors

Motor Mounting Plate

Motor Terminal Modules

Control Pilot Devices


Indicator Lamps

Training Program The program starts with a quick review of the foundational concepts, reviewing relationships between voltage, current, resistance, and power along with application of test equipment on wiring circuits, testing voltages, and troubleshooting system. Next the trainees will gain more hands-on experience for wiring 2- and 3-way switches, outlets, sockets, along with developing an in-depth understanding of electronics used in industrial sensors in manufacturing workplace.  Finally the trainees will brush up on semiconductors, operational amplifiers, and thyristors in switching and control circuits; review the operation of semiconductor diodes and transistors in both AC and DC circuits; input and output signals and circuit gain of inverting / non-inverting, and summing operational amplifier circuits; voltage divider and attenuator circuits; digital logic gates and flip-flops for used in high-speed digital computer and control circuitry.




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