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Design & Engineering


As part of a design team, our CAD engineers are fully capable to design, assemble, model, test, and improve a complex product.


The design process begins with an initial product idea and leads to the creation of a working prototype. The design project itself starts by creating a 3D model for each component, where all components are eventually assembled into the intended final product. Often, the 3D solid model file is transferred to other software programs where it is tested under a variety of conditions. All component designs as well as the whole assembly are modified until the testing conditions are met and the design team is completely satisfied with the product where design decisions are very critical at this stage. Finally, once the model is completed, tested, qualified and released, multi-view drawings are created to produce detailed technical drawings (shop drawings) to produce the working prototype or go directly to production.  Popular CAD software include, Mechanical Desktop with AutoCAD 14, SolidWorks, Pro-E and Catia.


Rapid Prototyping

Using materials that mimic many properties of traditional engineering plastics we also produce functional prototypes.  Wide range of materials options are available using different RP processes.





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