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Manufacturing couplings and components along with a wide range of other power transmission products for various industries. We offer affordable and practical designs for all types of shaft-driven, flywheel-driven, zero-backlash or torque limiting applications.


Offering a broad range of products; manufacturing Universal Joints, Drive Shafts, Universal Joint Shaft Couplings and other couplings such as Shaft Coupling, Flexible Coupling, Flexible Drive Couplings, Gear Couplings, Couplings, plus other products such as Speed Reducers, Industrial-Gears and Ball Bearings

A variety of couplings including miniature flexible shaft couplings and miniature rigid shaft couplings. Producing bellows type servo-meter flexible shaft couplings, providing low side-thrust, low elastic-windup, minimal side-loading.

Manufacturing different types of torsional flexible couplings, filter shafting systems and housing packages to address drive requirements and solve torsional vibration problems.


Wide range of applications, from process plants to marine applications.


More than 30 years of delivering high-performance solutions to a vast number of industries.  Producing precision universal joints and power transmission components for both standard and custom applications.  Expertise in providing broadest variety of mechanical interface and production of highest precision shafting, shaft collars, couplings and torque limiters as well as space-saving high-torque gear boxes.



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