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Contract Manufacturing

Procurement of high quality metallic and plastic components is one of the most important decisions for development, production and successful launch of any product. From selection of the most practical process to choosing the best possible source to optimizing production for achieve the best quality and yield as well as the lowest costs, making the right decisions has enterprise-wide implications for any organization.

We provide a wide range of products and services and meet the toughest requirements. Customers come to us for procuring metallic and plastic components with the highest quality, then return time and time again because we deliver value which is measured in high quality functional components for reliable and dependable performance, reduced costs, fast production time and on-time delivery.

For over thirty years our professional project managers have been handling all aspects of sourcing, purchasing, production and shipping products and components for our customers. In addition to our own capabilities, our team has also established efficient working business relationships with other manufacturers to pull on such resources throughout the areas we operate, in particular in Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Asia and Far-East.

We offer

  • Total Project Management

  • Product Design, Engineering and Development

  • Production Start-ups through Matrix Group Companies

  • Out-Sourcing through Partnering Companies (Qualified Vendors)

  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance

  • Audit Inspections. Packaging & Shipping

Why Matrix Group Companies?

Knowledge, Expertise and Experience ..

Contrary to what most people think, outsourcing is not quite that simple. It takes a lot of effort to find and line up the right sources for producing a product line. There are many factors affecting the total cost of success launch and continue production of such product.  A product that fails to meet the specified requirements or quality standards can be very costly to correct. Our project managers will ensure our customers receive their products to exacting specifications as negotiated. Thus, our customers are always in control and can manage the total purchase cost for the product, not just a quoted unit cost. Furthermore, they are assured that their projects are sustainable and can be run efficiently beyond sample approval and initial production. This way, they can manage the cost of long term repeat orders most efficiently to maximize their investment.

Contract Manufacturing Activities

Matrix Group Companies provide a broad range of capabilities to support production of a wide variety of product categories. These range from metal castings for industrial applications to plastic injection molded products of various electronics. With quality, versatility, service and technology in mind, we provide contract manufacturing services to a variety of OEM customers in different industries. We handle mass production projects for producing components, assemblies and finished products, while continually striving to lower product costs and lead times.


Serving customers in a broad range of industries including Machine Tool, Packaging Machinery, Automotive, Motorcycle, Light and Heavy Truck, Aircraft, Ship-Building, Recreation Vehicle, Electronics, Computer, Medical, Energy, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Chemical.


Our shops provide precision components, serving our own group companies as well as other industrial OEMs.  Machined components are produced complete from bar-stock, plate-stock, forgings and castings. Producing components and products including valves, pumps, flanges, industrial machinery, mining equipment, food processing equipment.


Full service manufacturing plants processing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, ceramics and more.  Standard materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, Ni-based alloys as well as aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, fiberglass, etc.


Quality is very important to us. Every machined piece or assembled product is thoroughly inspected before shipment. Our shops employ skilled technicians who utilize state-of-the-art technology to meet and exceed customers’ most exacting requirements. ISO 9000:2000 certified.


We have a variety of capabilities with a wide range of machines.

Precision Machining

We engage in precision machine work producing components and parts with the highest tolerances as tight as 0.005 mm (0.0002") and a micro-finish of 32 micro-inches or better.  

CNC Machine Work

Conducting CNC machining for producing multi-featured various precision components. Using up-to-date computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software for designing and programming various machined components. Manufacturing different components on modern equipment efficiently.

  • Precision CNC Machining

  • Production CNC Machining

Processes & Capabilities

CNC shops are equipped with vertical and horizontal machines CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Boring, CNC Screw Machining, CNC drilling, tapping and grinding plus CNC cutting.

Other Capabilities

Other capabilities include precision laser machining, brazing, welding, water-jet-cutting, EDM and computerized forming.  Also specialized in broaching, gun-drilling, etc. Deep-hole drilling to 300 mm (12.0") I.D. and 3 meters (9.8 feet) long.

Secondary Operations

We also provide secondary operations such as deburring and grinding.

Tool & Die Manufacturing

Our services include CAD/CAM Design, Rapid Protyping, Precision CNC Machining and Tooling for producing patterns, molds, dies and fixtures.

  • Foundry Patterns

  • Stamping Tool & Die

  • Injection Molding Dies

Project Management

CNC offers a wide range of precision machined component parts from concept engineering to full production. We offer JIT delivery and short and long runs; from design to delivery.




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