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Bulletin-Board Articles


Where are we heading?

March 2007

Barry Sahba, Group Managing Director

The question of the month is where we are heading?

Thanks to our customers, we have experienced a remarkable growth, especially during our recent history since the early 90s. Matrix Group has ventured into more number of global markets thanks to our team effort, innovative ideas and perseverance. We have made a significant number of acquisitions and been nurturing and building up many companies in the areas we operate - Today, most are recognized as one of the leading suppliers in their regional markets; some have even started to become the new driving forces in their local markets, contributing to and shaping the economical structure of their respective communities and immediate local markets. 

Utilizing the Group's extensive network of manufacturing companies, we have been supplying all kinds of products, equipment and machinery as well as components and related services to a wide range of international customers.

Alongside the expansive growth we have been enjoying, there are certain key areas that need concurrent and special attention. The importance of securing raw materials resources and streamlining supply-chain on a global scale has increased dramatically. Updating our market and product research database as well development of improved or new product and process technologies have become more vital than ever before and we are aggressively conducting research and pursuing such goals on an on-going basis. 

Understanding this, the Group emphasizes three areas as having top priority;


a) active involvement of the total workforce in finding ways for effective utilization of the current resources and development of new capabilities

b) investing more in research and development and spending significant effort on materials and product technologies and process innovations

c) also, spending collective effort in exploring new industrial fields with strong prospects for high growth so that the company can allocate more investment in human resources and capital to strengthen its current position.


Also, the Group is expanding its market and business development activities focusing on new markets and emerging markets .. Read More


Marketing approach - Stay the course ..

Jan 2007

Barry Sahba, Group Managing Director

We have been asked whether we are going to change the way we operate. First and foremost I should emphasize that we all remain passionate about everything we do - In particular, we must maintain our focus on helping our customers increase their productivity.

As far as the proposed plans for consolidation and centralizing some areas of our operations, I'd like to emphasize that decentralized operating philosophy has worked very well for us and aside from the plans for creating a stand-alone product development wing, we must stand firm on this issue and maintain the course.


Regarding the proposed plans for centralizing the marketing effort, the traditional wisdom calls for building branding identity and such notion is valid; furthermore, we are indeed pursuing plans for creating more brand recognition, however, we have all witnessed the fact that this is not the only path to successful growth. Again, we must stay customer focused instead of headquarters focused. We rather leave decisions about local customers and local marketing to our people at the local level - This way, they are more efficient and more valuable to their customers. The key is to always keep the local customers happy - What they want is the fact that their local representative knows them, knows their business and knows how to meet their needs better than anyone else.  I should add that with the addition of our satellite offices in the regions we operate, we can collectively support the local marketing effort and at the same time create more brand recognition in the area.


We shall continue our positive forward-looking approach, focus on expansion of our customer base, gear more towards cross-selling opportunities, explore future acquisitions, and increase our product and service offerings .. Read More


Our new challenges ..

Nov 2006

Barry Sahba, Group Managing Director

So, you want to know what are the new challenges?

While we are all sensitive to the global issues at hand, in particular those related to political tensions in the areas we operate along with the uncertainties and risks involved, we have the advantage of operating in a broad geographical area of the world and have a lot of capabilities and flexibility. Our marketing figures and forecasts might change due to market conditions, but our business strategies and approaches will remain the same.

Now regarding the new challenges on our way and focusing our creativity in the new fields. Much like any progressive company in the 21st century, the main focus of our business must be on integration of the real strengths. Here, we take advantage of our core competencies in providing solutions that are born from fusion of our wide-ranging and extensive know-how in different fields nurtured through our various companies.

Indeed, there’s a considerable level of experience enabling us to utilize our own "integrative strengths" and seek out new business opportunities in new areas. In this era of global economy, where the line between domestic and foreign businesses has been erased, we pledge to further improve our integrative strengths to continue our evolution.

Also, note that alongside some of the "Risk Factors" out there, indeed there are also great opportunities for continued growth - No worries, let's stay focused
.. Read More


Our recipe for success is quite simple! Customer Satisfaction ..

Sep 2006

Barry Sahba, Group Managing Director

Our recipe for success is quite simple! Customer Satisfaction ..

At Matrix Group Companies, we have elected to be our own toughest critics and view our customers as our strongest motivators to deliver the best performance. In every step we take, we are driven to serve and exceed the expectations of our customers and to ensure that the outcome is always their pure satisfaction. We must maintain customer focus: "Our customers are the only ones who can define when a job is done well"

We fully understand that our personal success is inextricably linked to the success of our company. The recipe for success is comprised of our passion and relentless effort for achieving success .. What we always need are simply Determination, Performance and Commitment ..

  • Determination - Our determination to succeed is the driving force that ignites our passion to excel and obliterates all the obstacles in our path.

  • Performance - Through our impassioned contributions and direct involvement in the company's performance, progress and profitability, we guarantee our own success.

  • Commitment - We are fully committed to deliver outstanding results every time. We always finish what we start, on time.

We have the right level of Determination, Performance and Commitment and will make it happen, together .. Read More



Upcoming Annual Strategic Planning Meeting ..

Jan 2006

Barry Sahba, Group Managing Director

The real intention for our annual strategic planning meetings is to make sure we are on the right path for growing the business. It's not sufficient to simply set new goals and bump up the previous year figures - The critical part of strategic planning is such plans should support sustainable growth; that's where real growth comes from. So, put your thinking caps on and let's start stretching our brains to look beyond the obvious. We need to examine every aspect of every business unit and figure out the next steps. Let's dig in and find out what your customers exactly want and how can we accommodate them. Let's figure out what else can we do to make them happy. What else can we do for own people? Let's look into our core capabilities and figure out how best we can integrate such. Let's figure out what are the new frontiers we want to explore and how can we pioneer and go places no other company has gone before. Let's be more creative than ever before.

Get your teams together regularly and make sure everyone knows where we are and where we are going. Nothing will slow down our growth more than when people do not know what to do next and where to go. We need more creative thinking coming from everywhere to be able to position ourselves for major growth - Again, note that real growth comes through innovation. We can not only develop an effective plan but also tap into unexpected growth opportunities once we get all stakeholders together and get everyone to pitch in, recognizing the fact that the best strategies and tactics can only be developed when we all remain totally flexible. .. Read More

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