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Automation and Material Handling


Robots and automated material-handling systems control many of the routine, often dangerous, or time-consuming processes once performed exclusively by humans.


Our automation group helps integrating automation into manufacturing process to positively impact and improve production. They evaluate all plant operations and develop plans to incorporate feasible automation programs from the simple robots handling isolated manufacturing tasks to more sophisticated levels of automation.  


Product / Process Experience: 

  • Actuator Systems

  • Basic Robotic Arms

  • Servo-Controlled Robots

  • Tracer Robots

  • Linear Slides

  • Industry Standard Sensors

  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • Rotary Carousels

  • Conveyor Belts

  • Gravity Feeder Systems

  • Pneumatic Feeder Systems

Automated Manufacturing Plants


Our automation team starts with a thorough review of the plant layout and the requirements to use such as the basis for examining many methods of conveyance between islands of automation and creating flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) to to produce products and increase production efficiency. Next, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) will be incorporated to connect the islands which act as the “brain” to communicate and control the interaction among such islands to ensure efficient and timely production. This will be the core for developing computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems. Comprehensive production flow charts will be developed and the team will discuss all issues affecting application of FMS in a CIM environment. Finally, they will optimize the programs that coordinate the interaction among conveyors, sensors and PLCs to eventually deliver a fully automated manufacturing plant. The team is highly experienced and professional - They will remain responsible for conceptualizing, programming, troubleshooting, and delivery of complete manufacturing process from A to Z, from when PLCs process information and issue commands to actuators to integrate all of the system components to perform and complete an operation on every assembly line.


Training Program – New employees will receive full training starting with an introduction to automation and material handling through application of computers in manufacturing, programming for automation, islands of automation and island controls, interconnecting islands, PLCs and controlling the manufacturing plant.  Once the trainees developed a strong foundation in the theory and practice of the automation process, they will go through programs to gain increasingly complex experiences to handle more advanced ladder logic programming and troubleshooting skills to prepare them with both a conceptual and working knowledge for handling our various projects in robotics.



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