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Who we are - Matrix Group is a fast growing enterprise with 32 operating facilities in 10 countries, organized into 8 business units with more than 1,800 employees providing a wide range of superior products and outstanding services to a large and growing international customer base in more than 60 countries. With  an annual turnover exceeding USD 296 million in 2006, the Group owes its success to its talented management team, their support staff and dedicated employees at our worldwide facilities.


Today, Matrix Group companies are in a leading position in their fields providing a comprehensive portfolio of quality products and systems, precision components, and related services to an impressive growing list of local and regional customers.


Matrix Group companies are in the business of making great things possible every day - From producing more than 1200 different products to providing a wide range of services including contract manufacturing, we make it all happen. In addition, based on special joint-venture partnership arrangements, we offer co-op product and technology development programs to our established customer base.


We at Matrix Group are inspired and united by our shared values, which transcend borders and nationalities.  We see ourselves as dedicated partners to our customers, vendors, suppliers and fellow associates, as creative strategists within an integrated network, and as focused managers making decisions with long-lasting effects and contributing to our growth.


Passion is the driving force that motivates us and makes us successful. We believe in leading through passion.

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A history of challenge and opportunity..

The Group was formed in 1955 as Matrix Alliance, then changed name twenty some years later to Matrix Group in 1979. The original founding members, the owners of two metal recycling facilities, a ferrous and two non-ferrous foundries plus a job-shop company with 3 machining facilities joined forces to form an alliance to pull together resources and benefit from "economies of scale" operating under one umbrella.

What characterized Matrix Alliance in the early days helped the owners of the new entity expand the size and scale of their operation, increase purchasing power by buying materials in larger bulk sizes through long-term contracts, leverage financial strength to have access to a greater range of financial instruments and to obtain preferred lower-interest charges, while banking on lowered their marketing and advertising costs and pulling on the strength of a larger pool of human resources with increasing number of managers with varying level of specialization to reduce costs and increase profitability.

In 1978, the original founding members were able to integrate their operations with three other industrialist families and in 1979 the Matrix Group was born as the controlling entity for such partnership. Throughout the next 10 years, the group was able to attract new investment and brought on board new members as investing partners to operate as Matrix Group Companies (Matrix Group Holdings Limited). By late 1989, the company was restructured and the current management team took control. 

Backed by a solid commitment and the financial support of the shareholders, the new management team set out to expand operations with a new vision to create a leading organization in the highly competitive industrial products and services marketplace, through a decentralized structure, in partnership with a number of entrepreneurs in a different geographical regions of the world. During the years that followed, this vision became a reality and the company grew many folds over.

Under the new executive leadership, 1990s turned to an era of rapid expansions and financial growth, acquiring a significant number of companies and generating more international business. Since the turn of the century, the high-speed growth rate has been continued through a special focus on people, performance and profits, pressing ahead with expansion of our capabilities and achieving far better results in terms of both quality and quantity. On March 21st 2005, the Group celebrated its 50 year anniversary.

Our growth has been remarkable, especially since 1990 - We grew from a team of 450 to more than 1,800 employees with 32 operating facilities in 10 countries, providing superior products and great services to a large and growing international customer base in more than 50 countries. We posted the best overall results among our industry peers - In just 15 years since 1990, we grew the company to nearly 8 folds from $33 million to $254 million (FY2005) with a healthy operating profit margin exceeding expectations.

Today, we can all look back over our history and proudly say that the Group has never wavered in its focus on customers to enhance their productivity, support for our employees and their development, commitment to re-investing in increasing capabilities and a disciplined approach in both operations and acquisitions. We operate through a decentralized structure and have positioned our company well in the marketplace. A first rate executive team is in place to continue our success and take the Group to the next level.

We remain passionate in everything we do and in particular in serving our customers - We value the strong partnerships we have with many major customers and their companies in various industries we serve. 

We continued to grow while maintaining our focus on the core values that have helped us achieve our success.

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Matrix Group’s management team is an advocate of the decentralization business model and practices a customer focused approach instead of being headquarters focused. Decentralized operating philosophy has propelled the Group achieve record sales and successful implementation of continuous improvement initiatives to maximize to efficiency at all operating facilities.

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Management Team

Matrix Group’s strength derives our executive leadership and business managers leading a cohesive team of dedicated employees to achieve success.

Meet our Management Team >


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Mission, Vision, Culture & Core Values

Our Mission

We believe with the products we produce it is possible to dominate the markets in the regions we do business in.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service and gain their trust and confidence to the point where they need not consider alternative suppliers ..

Our Culture

We work in an environment where

  • customers always come first

  • we continuously try to improve

  • we treat each other and other people fairly

  • we communicate effectively

  • we promote, embrace and manage change

  • we are happy and look forward to working there 

Core Values


At Matrix Group Companies, we are driven by our passion to be a leader in our fields and to uphold high standards of quality in all we do for our customers, vendors, suppliers and fellow associates alike. Our core values include:


Integrity is our cornerstone ..

We pride ourselves about our integrity along with the sincere, honest and open culture we have been nurturing. We all extend utmost respect to our fellow employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, management and owners/investors/shareholders.


Excellence is our driving force ..

We must continuously strive for excellence. We can never be satisfied with where we are today because we know we can be even better tomorrow.


Employees are our most valued asset ..

We make every effort to build winning teams. We believe empowered people can manage self-directed teams with a winning attitude and are dedicated to self improvement and professional growth. We believe in working hard and playing hard – After all, must have fun doing it! We continually seek for methods to improve our processes and look for ways to enhance our efficiencies. Political/Bureaucratic behaviors are not tolerated.


Customers, vendors and suppliers are valued business partners ..

We extend utmost courtesy to our customers, vendors and suppliers as valued business partners and conduct business in the most respectful, honest and competitive manner. This is part of building value through our strategic partners.


Maximizing shareholder’s value ..

We are a private company and every one of us has a duty to maximize the value of the investment made by our owners/investors/shareholders and safeguard such at all times. Hence, each one of us is not only both responsible and accountable for his/her contributions but must also does his/her utmost best to increase shareholder’s value each and every day.


Our Strengths


The Group has developed great strengths which have sustained its phenomenal growth through myriad of challenges over the years since its inception. Our key strengths include:


Our People ..

Matrix Group Companies' greatest asset, and indeed our pride, is our people. More than 1800 dedicated, committed and passionate staff from various facets of industry expertise are empowered to do great things for our customers everyday, both in the forefront and behind-the-scenes. Our shared synergies, efforts and beliefs reinforce the Group as a team that always deliver its promises to our valued customers.


Experienced Management ..

Our management team continues to provide the right vision, the right direction, the right guidance and the right support for the whole Group. The winning team of Business Unit General Managers and Plant Managers, led by our Group Managing Director, Mr. Barry Sahba are always available and accessible to help solving any kind of problem or challenge we might be facing. Their proven expertise, exceptional leadership skills, sheer commitment for delivering excellence and uncompromising standards for quality, are inspiration to all of us.


State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technologies ..

Matrix Group Companies operates a number of companies with well-equipped, modern facilities in different parts of the world. The Group continually re-invests in its companies to improve operations. We invest in best-of-breed talents, best machineries and equipment, best technologies to afford the best capabilities with the ultimate goal to better serve its customer base. Our plan is to always invest in state-of-the-art computerized technologies and acquire the right software and hardware that will enable us to control costs and benefit our customers in terms of improving response time, providing greater speed and convenience  in communication and simplify business transactions.


Quality, Consistency, Professionalism ..

At Matrix Group Companies, proper control measures for all processes and procedures are in place to deliver a consistent standard of quality at every location. Dedicated Operations Managers and Plant Managers perform at the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. At the helm, our Managing Director has the highest expectations and always demands excellent performance and productivity from every one of our facilities. Hence, we have all come to a firm understanding that every day we must perform as good if not better than the day before.


Innovation, Product/Technology Development ..

At Matrix Group Companies, we have a special focus on product/technology development and are constantly deriving new and better solutions to exceed customers' expectations and define new heights of excellence. We also recognize customers' specific needs for customized solutions and go to great lengths to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled providing tailored products and services that strive to meet and exceed their exacting standards.


Customers ..

The ultimate attestation of our capabilities comes from our many customers whose continued support has deeply inspired our conviction to seek excellence in everything we do.




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Quality Commitment

Quality Registration - Each operating plants has been qualified to ISO9001:2000 standard as well as applicable leading industry standards. These certifications serve as a foundation for establishing strong quality systems that exceed industry standards to maintain the highest level of quality and performance.



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Safety, Health & Environmental

Environmental and Social Consciousness - As part of its corporate strategy, the Group is firmly committed to an ethical and responsible business management practice at all times.  Along with offering great product lines, quality components and a comprehensive list of industrial services, the Group started early on incorporating environmental and social consciousness in its operational policy.


First and foremost, all the facilities of the individual companies within the Group operate based on an effective environmental protection control system. Secondly, our local and regional facilities also observe social standards. Furthermore, in order to meet the challenges of a global economy, the Group has initiated a plan requiring itself and its member companies join forces to guarantee their suppliers' compliance with social standards.


Under the leadership of our management team, the Group companies utilize a pioneering approach and closely monitor social and economical standards in the regions we do business and have committed themselves to a sustainable strategy to maintain such competitiveness.



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Partners & Affiliates

As fundamental support for our industrial activities, our management team is continually searching for better alternatives to secure a more stable supply of raw materials by positively engaging in establishing joint-ventures and strategic alliances.

Meanwhile, in each of our regional companies, the management team is actively implementing plans to raise the operational efficiencies including the efficiency of our supply-chain with a special focus on the logistics. The management team is evaluating alternatives for developing and constructing a new integrated industrial system that provides a more consistent flow for the whole business process from obtaining the raw material to shipping the finished products, from upstream to downstream.

In addition, the the management team has created several alliances in the regional markets for renting/leasing factory units and employing local staff.


Matrix Group Holdings Limited ownership comprised of a private group of investors that makes highly-selective investments across several industries, in particular, in industrial and/or manufacturing-based companies with sales in the $5 to $50 million range. The emphasis is on companies with niche products and/or services synergistic to our current offering in the markets we serve, preferably with a strong management team in place. Our business development team has a long-term view on investments with a special focus on creating value through superior performance and growth.

Investments range from $5 million up to $25 million in size and the Group funds investments with its own principals’ capital, not through a fund, hence,  the Group maintains autonomy in making decisions quickly without the restrictive obligations towards a fund or the specific requirements of returning capital to outside partners.

Matrix Group Holdings, Matrix Group Companies, Matrix Group Enterprises, Matrix Group Ventures



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